Our experience acquired in over 60 years in the field, our high level of technology and our specialisation in processing marble and stone have made us a sector leader.

Our experience acquired in over 60 years in the field, our high level of technology and our specialisation in processing marble and stone have made us a sector leader.

Marketing marble and stone

Pittana Marmi extracts, processes and markets marble from its own quarries. Our company mission is clear – to support and serve our customers through all stages: from supply of material directly from extraction sites in various countries where we source our material, to processing and selecting, right through to shipment to the final destination. We aim to satisfy our clients and their requirements in a competent, professional and timely manner.

Orsera Stone

Pietra Orsera  is a uniformly coloured natural marble. In the past it was widely used for important works all over the Mediterranean.

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is a limestone quarried in the Karst plateau of Trieste. It has a characteristic grey colour, is fine-grained and contains fossils.

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From pure stone to the art of mosaics

Inspired by an interest in marble-stone-mosaics, together with commitment and experience, our work has become not only our priority, but also our passion.  The marble is transported from quarry to factory, where state-of-the-art equipment is used to transform designers’ requirements into architectural forms, or generally into all kinds of projects worldwide.

Experience in building bridges

Bridges unite what is separate, as a handshake unites two people. They join what is apart, cancel voids and bring what is distant closer.   Venice has 121 islands linked by 436 bridges, almost all built using the classic red brick and the famous white Istrian stone.  Over the past 25 years, Pittana Marmi has been commissioned to restore and, in many cases, replace this stone worn by time, on over 150 bridges.  The valuable experience acquired enabled us to win the contract for the stonework of the fourth bridge over the Grand Canal, known as the Calatrava Bridge.

Harmony of piazzas and fountains

Fountains represent freshness, joy, movement. In these monuments Man celebrates water, that element indispensable to life and gift of Nature.  Over two hundred fountains built by Pittana Marmi in Italy’s most beautiful towns have become the hub of social life.

Satisfying the needs of architectural innovation

A parallel concept between design and street furniture that leaves room for creativity. And for the beauty of simplicity, elegantly supported by a centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Mosaic as an extension of ancient lines seen in a modern way.

Public works

Urban design projects have to answer a need for regenerating a major public space used by the community, giving it a coherent, unified appearance. Pittana Marmi has acquired a wealth of experience working on countless piazzas in Italy and abroad. By carefully analysing and studying the context, in constant dialogue with the designer, we can offer materials that are suitable and that respect the surrounding territory.

Work in progress

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Thala Beige

material of an overall beige colour. It is ideal for flooring and internal and external cladding.

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